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Article: Why Do We Need Italian Leather Handbags 2020

Why Do We Need Italian Leather Handbags 2020

Italy is renowned for leather shoes, belts and handbags. In 2018, Italy exported leather valued at $4.3 billion. By comparison, the United States was second in exports at $2.0 billion and China was tenth at $625 million. While not the leader in tonnage shipped, Italian leather goods command a premium due to its artisan refinement combined with its fashionable touches. There are a handful of luxury brands that are household names worldwide. However, in scores of cities throughout the Italian landscape, there are hundreds of smaller, family-owned, artisanal leather shops, where comparable, high-quality product is ethically created in small quantities - without the sticker shock. Starting with authentic leather, and then combining Italian craftsmanship refined since the Middle Ages and honed for generations, it is no wonder that when it comes to leather handbags, there is a "buy Italian" maxim.

 Italian Leather Handbags

Every detail - from the material, process, coloring, grommets, tags, and stitches - is meticulously attended to and must adhere to strict requirements before earning that "made in Italy" imprimatur that implies luxury manufacturing. Our decision to partner with an Italian leather shop was informed by knowledge of that rich tradition. Our hand assembled bags are stitched with quality. Built for durability, we expect them to last you a lifetime and possibly even be handed down to the next generation. To that Italian craftsmanship, we've added the functionality and designs most embraced here in the United States. For example, many of our bags have inner pockets for security and outer ones for accessibility - making it easier for a girl to know where to go for what she needs in her bag when she is out and about. Additionally, we've designed our hardware so that straps can be removed, swapped out, or made longer or shorter, depending on the need.

After acquiring raw hides from the tannery, we tumble the leather with vegetable-based dyes to avoid many chemicals and toxins, dry and buff the leather to get that just-right coloring and feel. The driving force behind our bags is to bring together disparate elements, all grounded in quality and committed to bringing you extraordinary style and value.

There’s nothing quite like the feel and scent that comes with our buttery soft leather handbags. With an eye towards fashion and an appreciation for rich colors, we incorporate versatility in our design to facilitate an effortless transition from work to play to travel and back again, as needed. When you combine fashion, finesse, functionality and quality, it should become apparent why a Bolsa Nova Italian leather handbag will quickly become a go-to item in your collection. Tough enough for everyday usage, our classic silhouettes are timeless. When properly looked after, our Italian leather bags will look just as beautiful years after your purchase.

Browse through our collection to find the style that suits you perfectly. Are you a woman who values style and practicality? Conservative, but stylish? Bohemian, but put together? Modern, but appreciate some vintage? Our totes are large, but lightweight. Our leather mini bags are small but can fit the essentials. Because you can be multiple things simultaneously, your bag should be as well.

So many options, so little time - choose with confidence knowing full well that our quality material and versatile functionality will serve you well for a long time!

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