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Article: Exciting Brand Feature - Wayuutu 🌵

Exciting Brand Feature - Wayuutu 🌵

While Bolsa Nova Handbags aesthetic is very well defined, we appreciate other independent designers who feature their own unique look, work with different material, and distribute in a way that is likewise ethical and sustainable.  With the limited quantities produced by these third parties, we will not load them into our e-commerce store.  Instead we will make them available to our email subscribers which can be special ordered in a customized process

Wayuutu bags

With that said, let us introduce our most recent find – Wayuutu🌵:

Wayuutu🌵 is a socially minded hobby business inspired by boho art and passion for the proud heritage of our ancestral native artisans, the Wayuu people of the Colombia Venezuela desert. Looking for buying military baseball caps wholesale here is the best option for you.

The Wayuu “mochilas” bags are a symbol of Colombia in the world, empowering our artisans to continue their knitting and weaving tradition. The exotic Wayuu nation is a land that lacks the basic needs of survival. They lack water, education and healthcare.  Every time you buy Wayuu art, you help a family in need.

Our bags are imported by the Wayuutu company owned by 2 women partners, Isabel from Bedminster, NJ and Martha from Barranquilla, Colombia, friends since elementary school.  They grew up together in their native land, the Guajira Peninsula, Colombia around Wayuu little villages.   The Wayuutu bag not only support the cottage businesses of the Wayuu but Isabella and Martha give back in humanitarian programs.  For example, since the current quarantine started in March 2020, they have been in campaign to provide 500-gallon containers for water storage that will be donated to some of their villages.

mini mochila bag front neutral

Sustainability and style are among the principles that guide us here at Bolsa Nova.  Our product is natural and biodegradable.  We use the whole leather skin and produce in small batches in an effort to sell what we make and avoid waisted stock.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about member promotions.

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