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Article: What Exactly Is Washed Leather? A Closer Look at Bolsa Nova Handbag's Process

What Exactly Is Washed Leather? A Closer Look at Bolsa Nova Handbag's Process

What Exactly Is Washed Leather? A Closer Look at Bolsa Nova Handbag's Process

Washed leather has gained popularity in the world of fashion and accessories due to its unique, rustic appearance and luxurious feel. Bolsa Nova Handbags, has mastered the art of creating beautiful and functional accessories using buttery soft Italian leather. In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of washed leather and delve into Bolsa Nova Handbag's fascinating process of crafting our leather bags.

Understanding Washed LeatherWashed leather is a special type of leather that has undergone a distinctive 7 step treatment process. The treatment involves washing the leather with water, heat, and pressure, resulting in a soft, supple, and textured finish. The unique appearance and texture of washed leather are characterized by a vintage, distressed look, which makes it highly desirable in the world of fashion.Bolsa Nova Handbags' Commitment to QualityBolsa Nova Handbags is a brand synonymous with quality, luxury, and fine craftsmanship. We specialize in creating exquisite handbags and accessories using the finest buttery soft Italian leather. Let's take a closer look at the process that sets us apart:1. Leather Selection: The journey of creating a Bolsa Nova handbag begins with the careful selection of premium Italian leather. Only the highest quality hides are chosen to ensure durability and a luxurious feel.

This is what our Annalisa Crossbody Bag looks like before the washing process.

Unwashed Bag

And here's what the bags looks like after the 7 step process.  

Annalis Crossbody in Cognac

2. Tanning and Coloring: The chosen leather undergoes a meticulous tanning and custom coloring process to achieve the desired shade and tone. The rich colors and natural variations in the leather add depth and character to each handbag. The bags are made in small batches and slight differences in color and size are normal.

We create custom colors with vegetable dye.  

Custom Dye Process3. Cutting and Stitching: Expert artisans at Bolsa Nova Handbags skillfully cut and stitch the leather pieces to create the bag's structure. Precision is essential in ensuring a flawless final product.4. Washing and Distressing: The key to Bolsa Nova's signature washed leather look lies in the washing and distressing process. The leather is carefully treated to achieve that vintage, rustic appearance. This unique step results in the buttery soft texture that is both pleasing to the touch and visually stunning. After the bag is washed, it is hung to dry for 5-7 days.  

Drying Process5. Finishing Touches: The handbag is completed with meticulous attention to detail. Hardware, zippers, and linings are added, elevating the bag's functionality and aesthetic.6. Quality Control: Each handbag goes through a rigorous quality control process to ensure that it meets Bolsa Nova's high standards. Only the best products make it to the market.Advantages of Washed LeatherWashed leather offers several advantages, making it an excellent choice for handbags and accessories:1. Distinct Appearance: The vintage, distressed look of washed leather is eye-catching and adds character to the product. The bags are perfectly imperfect.2. Soft Texture: The buttery soft feel of washed leather is a delight to touch, making it a luxurious material for handbags. The bags just get better with age as they develop a rich patina.3. Durability: Despite its softness, washed leather is known for its durability, ensuring your handbag will stand the test of time. Please see how to care for your Bolsa Nova handbag here. 4. Unique Variations: Each piece of washed leather is unique, with natural variations in color and texture, ensuring no two handbags are exactly alike.Washed leather has become a favorite among fashion enthusiasts due to its unique aesthetics and luxurious texture. Bolsa Nova Handbag’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, have mastered the art of creating exceptional handbags from buttery soft Italian leather. The process of selecting the finest materials, tanning, distressing, and finishing each bag is a testament to our dedication to producing high-end accessories that are both beautiful and functional. When you invest in a Bolsa Nova handbag, you're not just buying a bag; you're acquiring a piece of artistry and quality that will accompany you through life's journeys.  Shop Washed Leather here.



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