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Article: Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Tote Bag

Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Tote Bag

Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Tote Bag

Want to step up your style game? Ditch your traditional handbag for a stylish tote handbag. A leather tote bag is like the SUV's of bags, combining style and functionality while multi-tasking with aplomb! It is a carryall suitable for packing items needed for beach outings, overnight travel, work projects, or workout clothes changes. The large, roomy interior is often an open space, with possibly small inside pockets to keep keys or wallets separated and organized.  It is often unfastened with parallel handles that emerge from the side of the pouch to have a wide opening to easily put in or retrieve items.

The 1940’s L.L. Bean’s “ice bag” and the 1980’s The Strand “book bag” are “recent” forerunners to the modern tote bag.  Those previous iterations had the primary functions of carrying ice on boats and cleverly promoting the iconic bookstore, respectively.  But it wasn’t long before housewives began to re-purpose this eminently practical form.  Over the past 75 years, fashionistas, students, and professional women have demanded and designers have responded with more eye-catching aesthetic and material to popularize this everyday accessory. Dressed up or dressed down, totes are suitable all around town.

Available in a range of shapes, sizes, materials, and designs, tote bags are quickly gaining popularity due to their spaciousness and breezy style. There is a tote bag for every occasion. Let's take a look at some reasons why a tote bag is a must-have accessory.

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Tote bags are suitable for different needs. A tote bag can be used as a beach bag, office bag, school bag, laptop bag, gym bag, laundry bag, overnight bag, picnic bag, baby bag and home storage. When you buy a tote bag, you acquire a product that can effortlessly transition from one task to another several times daily.

Superior Durability and Re-usability

A tote bag is more than just eye candy. Tote bags are known for their durability and endurance. If properly cared for, our buttery soft leather tote scan last decades.

We feature leather tote bags. However, other materials include canvas, straw or recyclable, plant-based options. Functionality and aesthetics have always been driving consideration for bags whether multiple or single use. Increasingly environmental impact is a factor and fortunately there are more and more eco-friendly tote bag that do not forsake fashion.


Tote bags are roomy.A tote bag is designed to house everything from safety pins and cosmetic products to USB flash drives and portable cell phone chargers. From towel to book to laptop, it can accommodate almost everything you need while at work, at play or traveling. Excluding the proverbial kitchen sink, you can carry nearly anything with a tote - without compromising your style.

Unless you need many compartments, you could use your tote bag instead of a diaper bag to carry baby essentials such as feeding bottles, towels, extra clothes and diapers.

They Make Great Gifts

Want to impress a loved one with a gift, but running out of ideas? Why not give them a stylish and practical tote to use for different occasions? Tote bags are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and designs. Finding the perfect tote handbag according to your special one’s personality should be a breeze.

Totes Offer Value For The Money

If someone tells you that style comes with a high price tag, we can assure you they do not know anything about tote bags. When you consider all the ways and times a tote bag can be used, it is a cost-effective way of lugging around your stuff that comes in handy for so many purposes. They last for years, and can be recycled.

Your search for the perfect handbag ends at Bolsa Nova Handbags. We have classic tote bags for women. Our handbags conform to the highest quality standards. Bolsa Nova handbags are lovingly crafted and features buttery soft leather.Browse our collection onto place your order.

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