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Article: Bolsa Nova Supports Charity Event at Hewlett House

Bolsa Nova Supports Charity Event at Hewlett House

This Thursday June 10th from 6PM to 9PM, Bolsa Nova Handbags will support Hewlett House’s fundraising event by donating a bag to its raffle. Buy a ticket. In so doing, donate to a great cause and try your luck at winning our buttery soft Italian leather handbag! If you don't score the winning ticket - no worries. We will set up a sales table at the event offering price breaks for purchases as well as donating 10% of the online and in-person sales proceeds to Hewlett House. The event will be held at Hewlett House; located at 86 East Rockaway Rd, Hewlett, NY. We look forward to seeing you!

Anna Hobo

Every man for himself would make for a cruel, unstable and unproductive society. No person is an island. We are all incomplete. Until we can sleep with one eye open, be proficient at all things, and take care of ourselves when we are sick, the reality of the matter is - we need each other and are better together. The stronger our families and community are, the richer and more meaningful are our lives. At Bolsa Nova, we cherish quality, longevity, value, connectedness and community. It is out of love, gratitude, respect and responsibility, we are thrilled to be able to be involved with the Hewlett House since 2018.

Hewlett House opened in 2000 and has served tens of thousands of cancer patients and their families. The not-for-profit organization provides a safe haven, information, and networking about cancer, treatments and familial support. Among the impetus for starting this organization was the high rate of breast cancer suffered by Long Island residents and the quest to influence environmental or lifestyle decisions to mitigate the occurrence or increase the survival rate related to cancer. Access to educational material, peer-reviewed specialists, doctors, oncologists, psychologists, and counselors are available to all patrons upon request.

If you can't make it to the event we will honor all online sales with a 10% donation. If you are not looking for a bag but would still nevertheless like to contribute to Hewlett House, consider a cash donation, turning in your car, or volunteering your time.

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