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Article: Best Bolsa Nova Leather Handbags for Moms

Best Bolsa Nova Leather Handbags for Moms

Best Bolsa Nova Leather Handbags for Moms

Being a mom includes looking out for the rest of the fam - especially the little cute ones who haven't a care about planning and might just conk out on you in the middle of nowhere! So, while you may be advised to "pack light," necessity sometimes dictates that you travel with everything but the kitchen sink. Fortunately, at Bolsa Nova Handbags we can suggest 6 large bags that carry a lot, have compartments for easy accessibility, come in a rainbow of colors and are designed to keep you looking good - but prepared for anything.

  1. Star tote- Largest size tote
  2. Emma tote- Nice classic tote
  3. Rina tote - Great for Spring!
  4. Milan metallic tote - Nice size open tote
  5. Capri suede satchel - If you refuse to give up color
  6. Slouchy tote - If you need a smaller silhouette bag that expand when needed

When size matters, the largest tote is the Star tote, which can fit diapers, snacks and a change of clothes. There are inside pockets for personal items and outside pocket for easy to grab items. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it is on-trend, so you don't have to give up looking your best. It comes with a crossbody strap, but maximize your versatility by investing in a second crossbody strap.

When considering double duty as a diaper bag or a work bag, turn to the classic - the Emma tote. With plenty of room inside for everything, the inside zipper and open pocket or outside slide pocket are perfect for your phone or keys.  You’ll be able to fit a laptop or notebook for office duties, too.

BolsaNova Emma Tote olive

When the flowers are blooming, the Rina tote with its pretty laser cut floral detailing will serve you well when you are out with the kids or on date night with the hubby. The large outside zippered pocket lets you grab easy to reach items.

Need a little flair for ladies' night out? Consider the Milan metallic tote - an open tote with a matching inside pocket to help with organization. If you want a bag with a smaller silhouette when empty, then the Slouchy tote fits the bill. It can collapse against the body when not full or expand to carry all the essentials that mom duty or an overnight trip might require.

If you want a little more form than your typical tote, but still want a larger-sized bag, then the Capri suede satchel gets the job done and you needn't compromise on color. The full top zip provides a little more security and the oversize satchel can carry a full day of essentials for any Mom.

Bolsa Nova has a plethora of options for the Mom looking for a high quality, Italian leather bag, that can be carried hands free and port everyday essentials. Whether opting for suede or our buttery soft leather handbags options, your choice of color, crossbody straps, purses and handbags are numerous, colorful, and will last a lifetime with the proper treatment and care. Check back frequently for updated styles or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!

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